Hey there! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Danielle … redeemed and wildly loved by a Savior who’s teaching me that real isn’t perfect.


In fact, I’m learning that being real is quite messy.

Before Jesus I spent most of my time concealing pain from my past or hiding my sin sick, self-inflicted wounds. By the time I gazed into the eyes of Jesus, everything I had to offer was wrecked, ruined, stained or broken.

But that was all He asked for.

Jesus didn’t require me to clean up my act before I could walk with Him.  He took me as I was, but He didn’t leave me there.

Because of Christ I’ve discovered that being real is hard and invariably more beautiful than perfect. It’s a great deal more satisfying, too.

Outside of Jesus, my family is my greatest joy.

Wanna learn more about me?  Find out here.

My prayer for you? No matter what brings you this way, I hope that you leave here a little more encouraged than when you arrived. One things for certain, if you stick around long enough (and I sure hope you do) you’ll see that the only thing I am certain of …

Apart from God, I can do nothing.

With Him, I can do all things (Philippians 4:13).  

No matter how ruined, wrecked, stained or broken my offering is…

G O D. L O V E S. M E.  

Can I tell you something?

He loves you, too. And He can take your mess and make it His masterpiece.


Your comments are a blessing to me. I receive each one with gratitude.