Blessings Friday: Counting Again

A few years ago, I read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts, and I was so inspired that I decided to take the joy journey and begin a gift list of my own. I posted it here on the blog as I disciplined myself in an uncomfortable new habit: giving thanks in all things.

Fresh brewed sweet tea spilled on a newly scrubbed floor

I’ll admit.  It was foreign to me at first, and I strained to see the good in things that seemed so bad.  It’s a lot easier to see the good gifts and give thanks.

Crops growing strong in fields colored green

Blue skies over country fields

I didn’t really follow the prompts that Ann gave her readers each month.

3 gifts heard

3 gifts red

3 gifts on paper

Instead I just counted.  I took up the quest for gratitude like a parched land receiving water for the first time in years. Through the practice of giving thanks, I counted, rather slowly at first, 1 and 2 and then 10 and 12, all the way to 1000, and then 1000 more… 

Gifts that I hadn’t made the time to notice.

Gifts that were awkward and didn’t feel like gifts at the time.

Gifts that seemed common, and became more precious when they were written down.

I’ve gotten away from naming and counting and searching for Gods treasures each day, so this week I’m starting again. From scratch. Like at #1.  The joy habit has been placed on a shelf, and it has been gathering dust.

#1 music from the ones you love, Jeremy Camp, There Will be a Day
#2 cool wood planks beneath my feet, sturdy and straight
#3 air filled lungs and easy breathing
#4 baby boy clothes for the one in the womb
#5 lunch date with my man
#6 fresh farm iced cream, cool on a hot summer day

What if today you chose to be blessed, not stressed?  Take a new seat at the table.  Get a fresh perspective and a different view.

How might it change your day? Your week?  Your life? Why not give it a try, and count your blessings?

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

1 Thessalonians 5:18


Your comments are a blessing to me. I receive each one with gratitude.