Our grandson, Lucas, is fond of emptying his toy bins when he comes for a visit. His arrival is marked by Matchbox cars, Legos and random toys scattered across our living room.

Dishes presently line my counter and fill the sink, crusty from sitting all day. There’s a faint odor rising from the overflowing trash. Gross, I know.

Our home is a habitat for humans. It’s the land of the imperfect and the living. Toys, coats, clothes, dogs, humans, dishes and dirt. Earth dirt and sin dirt live here.

I’d love to have a house that looks like Joanna Gaines designed it, but puppy prints and meal remnants and clogged toilets are a part of our everyday life. We keep the trash man employed and the makers of cleaning products in business.There’s a fortuitous gratitude for this life that I live and for the ones that I sojourn with. Our journey is messy and it’s real.

I’m told to fake it, filter it, and fluff it when I wake up with grey hairs, weight issues, and adult acne.


At 44.


My body silently protests this season in life, but grace beckons my arms open wide to embrace the beauty of my soul rather than the reflection in the mirror.


My life needs more. Not more comfort, not more luxury or a better filter.

“My grace is sufficient for you, Danielle.” he said.

Sufficient. As in enough. E. Nuff.

This is my life. It spills out and spills over like a leaky sippy cup, unexpected and unplanned and at times uncontrollable.

Grace, Lord?

What is grace?

It’s a word that I casually throw around but His grace is anything but casual … it’s purposeful and it pursues me and He spreads His grace around like confetti falling on the N e w Y e a r.

It’s the vehicle by which I can do all things.


It’s knowing that if I miss out on grace I miss out on Jesus and that would be the biggest miss of all.

Grace is the effort you make when someone hurts you and you don’t hurt them back.

Grace is the fuel that drives you to forgive, even when they don’t deserve it because Grace forgave you first.

Grace is lowering to the floor to play cars with a 3 year old when dishes and laundry are calling out your name because you only have one good life to live.

God. Is. Grace.

Abounding and overflowing grace.

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.” Hebrews 12:28

Lord, help me walk in Your grace and be a distributor of it, too. Help me to embrace the moments that are messy and be okay when things aren’t okay.

3 Replies to “Grace”

  1. Michele Smith says:

    Oh, Danielle, I soooo needed this today! Thank you! I needed to be reminded that His Grace is what I need to cling to, every day. – Shelley

  2. Pastor Mike says:

    Glad you are back to writing! Missed your blogs!

  3. Love your word! -Leah

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