Happy SONday, Friends … a Message From My Heart

I’m riding home from church, catching up on the news on my phone as Howie takes the long way home. His preferred route, while not the quickest, gave me time to write and share this post. I would normally complain, but not today ?

I scrolled through a variety of social feeds during the ride, realizing with sadness that there’s no lack of injustice in our world. I’m reminded of our need for Christ and His victory over evil.

My perusing made me reconsider the views I share on social media. I feel like my thoughts and opinions normally represent who I am as a believer, but after pausing to think about the message from my Pastor today (and a little prompting from the Holy Spirit) I think it’s time I’m more focused on what’s most important. (You can access his message here)


He is really my heart and my passion, but I wonder, will all my political profiling over the last year, is that message loudest in the all the posts I share?

I wrote this in my journal as our Pastor shared the message a short time ago:

This was a much needed word for my heart and soul. When I seek God and OBEY Him, my soul prospers. This doesn’t mean I won’t ever face conflict or challenge – it means I will know how to navigate those troubles when they come.

It’s easy to get distracted and find yourself traveling on the wrong road (kinda like my hubby headed home while our lunch grows cold on my lap ?). It doesn’t have to be politics that makes us lose sight of our purpose – to worship and love God, and to share that with others – it can be anything the world has to offer.

I’ve made a decision to take a break from sharing my views on politics and use my platform instead to promote more of Jesus. When I’m tempted to share a political view over the next few months, I’m going to take it to the Lord and spend my time in His Word and prayer instead. I hope this makes my heart for Jesus more evident then the kind of politics I support.

There is no lack of injustice in our world, but if I focus on it, I know I will lose my joy and my purpose, and that’s a price I’m just not willing to pay. No matter who sits in the White House, Jesus is and always will be on the throne.

Your comments are a blessing to me. I receive each one with gratitude.