Why Mothers Day is Really About My Kids

Mothers Day used to be a bit hard for me, that was, until I became a Mama myself.

Motherhood is what made Mothers Day important to me, helping me understand and appreciate the great Mother’s Gods blessed me with. Today, my Mothers Day tribute is for these, the ones whose lives I’ve had the privilege of putting my imprint on.  Our story doesn’t read like the Hallmark cards I saw lining the shelves at Target this week. There were days when my kids heard me yell too loud, listen too little, and fall flat on my face when it came to mothering;  I often wondered how anything good would come of my parenting… 

But it did. By Gods marvelous grace they are becoming His masterpiece. 

Life with me as their Mama wasn’t perfect; it was real. My disdain for laundry meant sending them on daily “fishing” trips for clean clothes and socks in the laundry baskets, and my rigid upbringing contributed to my over parenting them on more than several occasions. My kids are the essence of who I am. They are in part the reason I know how to love and be loved in return. Apart from Jesus and the love of my husband, there is nothing that has impacted me more than being their Mother. I probably won’t win any awards for the years I’ve invested in their lives, but there are a few things that I hope my children will know of me as their mother. 

I have tried my best. Mothering has been a learning process for me. I followed my instincts and sometimes those instincts were wrong. Parenting is one of the hardest things I’ve done, second only to marriage, and it hasn’t been without trial and error. Still, my love for you and desire to see you succeed was my motive.

I will always have your back and be there for you, even when you (think) you don’t need me.
I am your Mama Bear, fiercely protective of you, and ready to help long after you may need me to. You will always be my babies, and I will always be your Mom.

I have kept every picture you’ve made for me and every letter you’ve written me. You know it’s true. Just look at all the totes under my bed, or better still, ask Dad. They are my treasures. After all these years, I still have days when I will pull them out and stroll down memory lane. Maybe one day I’ll be ready to part with them…but probably not. 

I’m grateful for your forgiveness. As you well know, I’m far from perfect, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I had plenty of defining “Mommy Dearest” moments, when I yelled loud enough to make you cry. I got my feelings hurt when you rebelled or lashed out and I gave you the cold shoulder, and I’ve made many a mountain over mole-hills rather than picking my battles. I’ve failed you in ways great and small; still, you love and forgive me, for which I am ever so thankful for.

I am so very proud of you. In case you didn’t already know it, I am. You’ve face adversity within and without the walls of our home with courage and commitment. You’ve set and pursued your goals, and you’ve kept the main thing the main thing. You 4 are what Mothers Day is about, and you are the reason that I celebrate today, and every day, being your Mom.


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