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My name is Danielle … radically redeemed and wildly loved by a Savior who’s teaching me that real is not perfect.

In fact, I am learning that being real is quite messy.

Before Jesus, I was drowning in pain from a life without God. I spent most of my time trying to hide my sin-sick (and sometimes self-inflicted) wounds. By the time I gazed into the eyes of Jesus, all that I had to offer was wrecked, ruined, stained or broken.

Can I tell you something pretty crazy? 

That was all that Jesus asked me for.

Jesus didn’t require me to clean up my act before I could walk with Him.  He took me as I was, but He didn’t leave me there.

Because of Christ I’ve discovered that being real is hard and invariably more beautiful than being perfect. It’s a great deal more satisfying, too.

The truth is, my mess became my message, and I became His masterpiece.

Now I live on a hill surrounded by farmland and the people I love most.

Wanna learn more about me?  Find out here.

My prayer for you? No matter what brings you this way, I hope that you leave here a little more encouraged than when you arrived. One thing is for certain, if you stick around long enough (and I sure hope you do) you’ll see there’s only one thing I am sure of …

Apart from God, I can do nothing.

With Him, I can do all things (Philippians 4:13).  

No matter how ruined, wrecked, stained or broken my offering is…

G O D.  L O V E S.  M E.  

Can I tell you something?

He loves you, too. And He can take your mess and make it His masterpiece.