31 Days of Prayer – Knowing God’s Love

Do you ever struggle with what to say in your prayers?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  

 That’s what moved me to ask God to help me change the way I was praying.  My first Sunday school teacher once said, “Read the red, pray the power.”  I didn’t fully understand what that meant at the time.  I just knew she could pray heaven to earth, and I wanted to be able to pray as boldly as she did. 

 Hebrews 4:12 says that God’s Word is alive and powerful, sharper than a two-edged sword. When I came across this verse, it was like someone turned a light on.  “Read the red, pray the power.”  My Sunday school teacher used to pray the scriptures.  By speaking and praying the Scriptures, she was coming into agreement with God, and His power was released in her prayers.    

 With this revelation, I began a journey to strengthen my prayer life, and along the way I discovered a few things.  As I prayed God’s Word, I was hiding it in my heart and memorizing the scripture.   I gained a better understanding of the Bible and His truth.  Then I began to see how it changed my perspective, and changed my usual ramblings into mighty, powerful prayers, “that I might know Him better.”  All of these things increased my faith and strengthened my walk with Him.

 When I first saw the Nesters 31 Day Writing Challenge,  I thought, “Write a post for 31 days in a row?  No way.”  I was certain there was no way I could do it.  Then I wondered what could I possibly write about for 31 days, and before long I knew. If I took the challenge, God wanted me to write about prayer, and how I learned to pray His Word.

 When it comes to prayer, I’m all about it.  Scoot over, let me in.  If you ask me to pray for you, by golly you can be sure that I will.  If I don’t do it right then and there, I want you to know that I’ve gone into my “secret” place and petitioned the Almighty on your behalf.  

 Prayer is one of the greatest gifts I can give you as your friend and fellow sojourner in Christ. I know what my life looks like on any given day, and that there are busy mom’s, wives, and daughters out there that appreciate having a sister sending up a petition or two on your behalf.  Here I am.  Sign me up.  

 So how does it work?  I have no clue, other than I’m linking up with a hostess of other writers on a thousand different topics from homemaking to bread baking (why not?) and my topic will be that of prayer.  I hope you’ll join me, be encouraged, and say a prayer for me, too. I’m terrified to make such a big commitment, and I can’t do it without Him, and without you

 Oh, and if you feel led, why not join in and post your prayer, answers to prayer, or just your encouragement for others in the comments section of this post?  Your comments are always received with gratitude and are a great encouragement to me, too.   


I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ today, that they would be rooted and established in Your love, and that each would have power together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep Christ’s love it, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that each one may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.

Ephesians 3:17-19


Day 2:  Seeking His Kingdom

Day 3: For Wisdom 

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Day 11 – Just. Be. Still. 

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Day 21 – Habits and Blessings 

Day 22 – When You’re Angry 

Day 23 – Letting Go 

Day 24 – Prayer of Gratitude 

Day 25 – Beauty for Ashes 

Day 26 – When You Need Healing 

Day 27 –  Rest

Day 28 –  Truth

Day 29 – Love

Day 30 – Mercy

Day 31 – The Finisher

6 Replies to “31 Days of Prayer – Knowing God’s Love”

  1. Thanks to all for the overwhelming response to Day 1 of 31 Days – we’ve already experienced a praise report and answer to prayer from Patty Sue at Casa de Fe. Prayer changes things, but most of all, it changes the individual praying. I’m so blessed that you would give me the privilege of praying for each of you, and see God’s Holy Spirit alive and at work in each of the mentioned situations. Thank you for the blessing of encouragement, and for your faithfulness in this exciting journey!

  2. Love your words! Thank you for being such a powerful light in the world and for your blog:) I had been searching for a Christian Mom blog and then I found yours! Love it!

    Today I pray for my soul to be still, not let the “things” of the world come in and to really make time to have devontial/ bible study time. I pray for God to speak through you the next 31 days:) Amen!

    Happy October!

  3. Having been the recipient of many of your prayers I want you to know how much I appreciate and am encouraged by your faithfulness xo

  4. His Redeemed Daughter says:

    This blog has been such a blessing to me. God is using it to teach me so much, but it has also allowed me to share my life, struggles, and triumphs through Christ, my Savior. It is so freeing when you know that you are not alone. Today I pray for Danielle as she takes on this challenge to take us through this journey. Prayer is place that I still need to grow in and I pray that God uses Danielle to speak to all of us and help us all grow in this VERY intimate time we have with our Father. Prayer is a time to petition but also to worship our Lord. Lord watch over all of these women and guide us everyday. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

  5. Mike Gentry says:

    Patti Sue (Casa de Fe) and I are praying for the need of medication for the children. She goes today to pick it up and needs the funds. She goes at the beginning of every month and the cost is $1200.00. She does not have it. Please join us in prayer.

  6. Dorothe McMahon says:

    Today I feel blessed beyond belief. It is two days away from the Susan G Komen 3-day for the cure event in Philadelphia and The Lord has blessed me with the ability and desire to be on the crew for that event. Myself and a few hundred other crew members and volunteers will work behind the scenes to support close to 2000 walkers to raise money for breast cancer. Please pray for safety and life changing moments this weekend (thur-sun). I am sooo very excited for what God will be doing there.

Your comments are a blessing to me. I receive each one with gratitude.