A Prayer to Walk in Love


Thank You for making me Your child. I am thankful and confident in Your love for me. You demonstrated it through Christ on the cross while I was still drowning in my sin. Therefore, I will commit to walk in the same powerFILLED, God kind of love that You have so graciously poured out on me. 

That means I will have to endure long on matters that I want NOW; That I must agree to be patient and kind when my flesh summons me to be short tempered and mean. 

I must not to be envious or jealous. 

I must be humble rather than boastful or vainglorious. I must be aware of and stay far from pride.

Love is not rude and unmannerly. That can be a struggle for me. My flesh jumps at the chance to correct and put people in their place. Help me not to behave in these manners, for they do not display Your love. 

I will not insist on my “rights” or my own way, no matter how strong the temptation is, for You call me away from self-seeking. Instead, I will God seek. 

With Your help, I will take no account of the evil done to me and be quick to forgive. You have forgiven me, and You have called me to forgive others. 

I will not rejoice over injustice and unrighteousness. I will rejoice when right and truth prevail. 

With the power of Christ I will bear up under the events that come my way today. Having said that, I confess that I’m not always ready to believe the best of others. I need Your discernment and help in this area if I’m going to be on display for Your Kingdom and walk in love.

Thank You for opening my eyes to see that my hope is in You under all circumstances. Your love never runs out and never fails, and You will see me through any trial or circumstance. 

I will refuse the temptation to retaliate or seek revenge and instead bless and pray for those who persecute me; I will do good to those who are cruel and mean spirited in their attitude toward me. I ask for Your help to bless them and not curse them, so that Your love abounds in and through me. 

I will approve things that are excellent.  Everywhere I go today, I commit to plant Your seeds of love. Thank You for preparing hearts ahead of time to receive what You have given me,

In Jesus Name.

Your comments are a blessing to me. I receive each one with gratitude.