A Tuesday Treasure ~ Just Breathe

Pack lunches. Walk the dog.  Don’t forget to feed her.

Oh, that’s right, I forgot.  I need to check the mail.

Make the beds.  Shower.  Eat.  I can put that off.  Maybe I’ll have time later to grab something.

Start the laundry.  Finish the dishes.  Take out the trash.  Man, I’m movin’!

My steady mind talk abruptly ended with the entrance of our youngest daughter, and my perfectly balance morning was suddenly thrown off kilter.

“Mommy, my throat huuuurrrrrrts.”  Her raspy, painfully drawn out whisper was followed by a deep cough, one that commanded my attention.

Make a doctor’s appointment.

Robins at 11.  Call Robin.

Doctors at 3.


I draw in fresh air at His command, and while it resembls more of a gulp, it works.  Oxygen.

Heavenly oxygen.

I take a second, and a third, and every deep breath brings a deeper sense of calm.

Just breathe.

I needed this one word pep-talk, or else the list that I was ticking off in my mind, the one that I  made and He interrupted, it was going to get the better of me.

I made a new note.  Gods instruction for the day.


No matter what my to do list entails, I can’t disregard God’s plans.  And why would I want to? I love getting things done, I live for dates with my God sisters, and I’m always up for a good Bible study…

But His plans are inevitably better than mine.

That deep breath He called me to?  It steadied me just enough to let go of my plans, and take hold of something better.

Him.  When we take hold of God, we embrace His plans.


Go ahead.  Whatever’s in store for you today, give yourself a to-do that won’t need to be altered.  When God bumps into your plans, whether it’s by way of a sick child that brings your chore-productive morning to a screeching halt, or an unexpected call that threatens to bring your whole world down, don’t fall for then enemies scheme.  Instead, reach for God and just breathe.

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2 Replies to “A Tuesday Treasure ~ Just Breathe”

  1. Thank you, sister. It’s all for His glory!

  2. Your words touch so many. The LORD has given you a beautiful gift… thank you for using your talents for the HIM!

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