I Need You {day 16}

Everybody wants to feel needed. 

From mothers to fathers, husbands to wives… even Pastors, sisters, brothers, friends, bosses and co-workers.

 We all want to be needed.


 Some way.

 In some area of our lives.

 We desire significance… it makes us feel important.

 We long for purpose… it brings us pleasure.

 There is just something inside of us that craves the feeling that we are needed…  irreplaceable.

 But what about God?

 Do you think that He desires to feel “needed?”

 Let me suggest that it’s not possible. Let me take it one step further and affirm that the “need to be needed” stems from our own selfish pride, from the sin nature that lives within us. It is selective, not all-inclusive, it is selfish, not altruistic.

 Just think about it for a minute.

 There are so many areas in each of our lives that we are indeed needed; but some of those are the areas and places that we would just assume ignore. We are choosy about who and what we want to be needed by… And we are certainly selective when it comes to taking action.

 But not God.

 He doesn’t need or desire to be needed by us. He knows He’s needed…. and although we often choose to ignore it, He loves us anyway.

 So what is it that He is looking for from His children?

 What does God want from me?

 He wants to be wanted.

“But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve… “

(Joshua 24:15 NIV)
We often skip right to the end and forget about the beginning of this popular and powerful verse, yet it speaks volumes to the truth of what God desires from His people.
 “Choosing” requires action. It requires a heart response; and while our “need” can require action when it comes to admitting our condition, our need for God will never go away, whether we admit to it or not.  But true love… a real and tender, fully submitted and surrendered love for God is a choice that we make everyday.
 “Wanting Him” reveals the focus of our heart’s desires, it suggests our own vulnerability and a yearning or a craving for something only He can satisfy.
Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”

(Matthew 22:37 NIV)

 Are you loving Him this way?

 Do you love Him like this?

 Or are you on a “needs” only basis?

 It’s kind of ironic that often, we don’t want the One we need the most…

 Still, as these thoughts rolled through my mind, I couldn’t help but remember a song that my daughter and I love to sing….

 “I need You, oh I need You… every hour I need You”.

 All at once it hit me… and the Spirit came rushing in like a flood.

 You know what… I do need Him.

 But do you know what I realized this morning…  I want Him.

 I want Him everyday.

 In every way.

 More than anyone or anything else.

 He is the love of my life.

 My Daddy.

 My heart.

 And in wanting Him… I have everything that I could ever need!


I need You, and You alone.  Every hour I need Thee. Let there be nothing in my heart that would overshadow giving myself to you entirely today and everyday. May you be my greatest want today because when I have You, I have all I could ever truly need.

In Jesus Name  

Today’s post was graciously written

by My Daddy’s Girl, a guest contributor.


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