Just. Be. Still. {day 11}


That was me when I sat down to post today. Nothing came to mind. I just sat in silence and stared.

Silence is an unfamiliar thing for me. There’s a lot of racket raising kids and doing life together inside a space that often seems too small for all the clamor. Our house has settled down a little with the recent departure of two adult children, but I’m finding we still keep a fairly loud hum around here.

When I sat down to write day 11 of 31, I was a bit taken aback. It wasn’t just the house that was quiet. My soul was quiet, too.

There were no scriptures flowing through my mind. No inspired ideas. No stirring in my spirit. In fact, I felt something that I haven’t experienced in quite some time.


The longer I sat, the more I relaxed, staring at a blank computer screen. I didn’t panic when a post idea didn’t come. Somehow I knew God was there, and He would show up. I just enjoyed the moment.

And then it came.

God knew I needed a moment to rest.

To just. be. still.

He knew that I’d been running at break neck speed, both in the flesh and in the space of my mind. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I went to bed without making a mental “to do” list as I drift off to sleep, bone tired.

I just sat at my computer for a few minutes, thanking God for giving me a moment to just. be. still.

Thanking Him in the quiet place of my heart for knowing that I really needed to just. be. still.

And taking the opportunity to just. be. still.

He gave me permission to do nothing for a minute, and just. be. still.

“He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

Psalm 46:10

What would happen if we made time to be still with God? Perhaps we would be a greater reflection of His steady, calm spirit. We might reduce our stress level. Life might even become just a little less manic.

By the time I began tapping out this post, it had started to rain. Actually, it was more like a heavy pour. I took another moment, this time to reflect on what God had just given me.

Grace, falling like rain.

Grace, to just. be. still.

How about you, friend? Do you ever just sit in silence, drawing in one deep breath at a time as you savor that moment, where nothing is pressing you, not even your thoughts? I’d like to pray that God would give you that moment. Right here. Right now. Right where you are.


You know the world we live in is such a busy place, and that we often move at a blinding, unhealthy pace. Our bodies are always in motion and our thoughts are seldom slack. Thank you for creating moments where we can just sit, and be still with You. Help us to recognize and seize the them when they come. May we know You in such a way that when all is silent, we can readily rest in Your presence.

In Jesus Name

2 Replies to “Just. Be. Still. {day 11}”

  1. His Redeemed Daughter says:

    This post is one of my favorite songs from Beckah Shae “Rest”. It is funny because I normally do not appreciate slow songs, I enjoy loud, upbeat, make you want dance songs. But when I heard this song it really caught my attention and through this song I find rest and praise God with it. Rest is so important. Thank you Danielle! Check out the song through the link below, I used this one because it has the lyrics with it.

  2. Girl! This is a theme this week and I thank you for this post. Resting in the Lord and being still is something we all need to work on…especially me.

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