Rest {day 27}

Most of the women I know are busy. They’re wives, Mama’s, daughters, sisters, friends, and well, their women. Working, multitasking, relational and on-the-go women. We’re wired to be nurturers, caregivers, and helpers. Being involved is just something we’re compelled by our divine design to do, but while we’re busy taking care of everyone (and every thing) else, we often shortchange ourselves.

I couldn’t have come to this conclusion any more emphatically than I did a few weeks ago when I sat down at the computer to peck out another 31 Day post (read them all here). My heart was full and my fingertips were eager, but when it came time to write, I had nothing. Na-da. Zip. That’s when God said just. be. still. (you can read it here). And you know what y’all? It was hard. To shut off my brain. To quiet my spirit. To shut my mouth. I had words to say, work to do, and places to go, but God said just. be. still.

God knew that women (and men, for that matter) would go overboard with our “to do” lists, and He’s given us permission to ease up, slow down, and let go. The world won’t stop just because we do. In fact, we’ll be more fit for His tasks when we take time to rest.


I know I need to take more time to rest in You. You created the night because you knew my body would be weary from all that consumes me in a day. You created the Sabbath so I could rest and reflect on You, and all that is good in my life, even the things that don’t look or feel like it at the time. Your Word gives me permission to rest. Help me to grant myself that favor today when the world and my to-do list consume me. Help me to rest in You, today and always.

In Jesus Name

2 Replies to “Rest {day 27}”

  1. You’re welcome. So glad it was timely. I think it is an ongoing thing for all of us!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I know God has to tell me this more often than not because my “to-do” list is consuming me from all angles. I know God is calling me to rest, and I need to submit to that calling!

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