When You Need Healing {day 26}

I‘ve yet to meet someone who hasn’t experienced pain. Whether you’re acquainted with it through your own personal suffering, or been a spectator to it in a loved ones life, we all are touched by this unwelcome guest. Physical, emotional and spiritual discomfort will come, and knowing that God hears, and delivers us, is vital.

Perhaps you need to experience God’s healing in your marriage, your body, or your soul. Won’t you join me in prayer today, and would you pray for me, too?



We all have a need for healing. From our sin fallen condition to our bed ridden state, we are in constant need of Your Almighty healing. Your Word says that You experienced suffering and pain and You endured it all because of Your great love for us. You were crushed so we could be made whole. By Your stripes we are healed. Would You send healing into the hearts, minds and bodies of Your beloved today, God? Would You heal us from the inside out? Restore us just as you did the centurions daughter, the lame and blind men, and Mary with the seven demons? Give us mountain moving faith that You are more than able to overcome whatever pain we are facing today. In all that we ask, let our one desire be that You be glorified and lifted high. We pray this in the mighty and precious name of Jesus believing…Amen

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